HOA & COA Management

Our management services are customized to each community as typically no two communities needs are exactly the same. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and start designing your custom management plan now.

Full Service Property Management

At IRC Property Management, our primary goals are to:


Maximize Your Cash Flow:  We are committed to obtaining the maximum amount of rent for your home that market conditions will bear, thereby maximizing your income.  We also work hard to minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance using our extensive network of contractors. In adition to this we get higher rents from better tenants as we have a reputation of being good landlords that take care of our properties and our tenants needs in a quick and respectful manner.


Minimize the Vacancy Period:  We are committed to designing and executing a targeted marketing plan to rent your property as quickly as possible, thereby minimizing the time that your rental is not generating income. When we receive a 30-day move out notice from a tenant we are advertising that unit within 1 business day assuming that we have marketing pictures on file.


Protect Your Investment:  We thoroughly screen prospective tenants and manage your property in a discreet, professional and competent manner. We do interior inspections every 6 months and additional ones as needed. Our cloud based system lets our clients see these inspection reports with our notes and any pictures we took.


Do the Work for You:  We handle everything so you can spend your time on more important things! You simply make decisions on how you want your property managed and we handle absolutely everything from there.

Please contact us today and have IRC Real Estate take care of all of your property management needs.


IRC Property Management's full-service management includes:

Analyzing the market and helping set realistic rents.

Providing accurate monthly bookkeeping & financial reports.
Using a tough lease form to help protect the owner.
Inspecting each property (move-in/move-out, once every 6 months and additional inspections as needed*).
Holding tenants accountable for damage and submitting tenants to a collection agency if needed.
Enforcing the rules of occupancy.
Buffering owners from difficult tenants (your information will never be shared with a tenant).
Following written policies, procedures, and all applicable local, state, and federal laws.
Responding promptly to owners and tenants.
Screening applicants to identify undesirable tenants.
Coordinating repairs and maintenance.
Keeping Owners informed about important matters.
Being on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency repairs.

12 Ways IRC Property Management's Service Pays for Itself


1. We’re on call 24/7 to handle issues when you’re at work, asleep, deployed, or away on vacation.
2. Our experience screening rental applicants helps us identify those who might not pay rent on time or may damage your property.
3. By inspecting your property regularly, we often catch problems earlier and solve them for less money. 
4. We set high standards for cleanliness and repair at the beginning of each lease and require that the unit be returned in the same condition.

Laws and Leasing

5. Our knowledge of Oregon Landlord/Tenant Law and the Fair Housing Act enables us to respond properly to threats of legal action and helps you avoid unnecessary legal expenses. Our President actualy serves on the Landlord/Tenant coalition for the state of Oregon and negotiates the new laws.
6. Our lease establishes the tenant’s responsibilities for paying for damage, late rent charges, cleaning charges and penalties for breaking the lease.
7. Our strict adherence to written policies, procedures and rules helps you avoid unnecessary legal cost.

Save Money

8. We help you evaluate your property to determine the right rent to maximize income and minimize turnover/vacancies.
9. We can save you money by helping you determine cost-effective property improvements.
10. We know who to call when something breaks and how to negotiate the best price to fix it.
11. We buffer you from difficult tenants by handling time-consuming telephone calls.
12. Our unique marketing approach generates tenants faster.

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